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For Sale a great Star Holman QT-14 Conveyor Oven ser20926005-0504). This is a 208V 60HZ 1phase conveyor oven with a plug which is standard for that. Item was purchased at a closing Quizno's and has been well cleaned and tested. It comes with an Eagle Group stainless steel support table complete with wheel castors for ease of movement. Included with the purchase are 4  additional TOP heating elements and 3 additional BOTTOM heating elements, a spare toaster motor and contact switch. The Conveyor toaster is approx 39"X19X 21 inches and weighs about 170lb and will come with the table it is sitting on. This toaster is ready to melt cheese and toast food register and purchase I will get it to your door. Thanks for looking!!!  Shipping is already included in the price, item will be delivered via freight.

  • Item #: CT54789
  • Manufacturer: Star Holman
  • Condition: Used

Star Holman QT-14

Price: $2,100.00
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